AlbKalustyan began in 2014 as a collaboration between Xherdo of Albania and Kalustyan of USA. Our Target was and will always be supplying products worldwide to our customers with the highest quality , latest technology and excellent customer service. We are manufacturer and exporters of more than 26 Bio Organic Medicinal Aromatic plants & Essential oils.

Xherdo merged forces with Kalustyan – a leader in the herb and spice industry to serve the marketplace with a reliable source of Albanian herbs and essential oils, using the latest technology to provide premium Quality standards to our global customers.

A New factory has been established in Maminas, with business reaches across Albania,Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina for the production of MAP-s and essential oils. AlbKalustyan now has 26 different MAP-s and Essential Oils Certied by ICEA/Italy in NOP & EU, Canada with products divided into semi ready products (without stems, dust or weeds); and Essential Oils.

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Medicinal Aromatic Plants

Albania is well known for being the world’s largest exporter of sage and one of the leading exporters of medicinal herbs and spices in Europe. Albania’s climate and traditional agriculture methods is an ideal environment for more than 250 medicinal and aromatic plants. Here you can find herbs like: Sage, Origano, Savory, Myrtle, Lavender, Vaccinum, Rubi, Thyme etc

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Essential Oils

The essentials oils are obtained by Steam distillation from the flowering plants of different raw herbs.

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