About Us

Company Profile

AlbKalustyan began in 20.10.2014 as a collaboration between Xherdo of Albania, and Kalustyan in the United States of America, with the latest technology in the industry and a facility in Albania. Xherdo –leader in the quality of herb and spice product, merged forces with Kalustyan - a leader in the herb and spice industry - to serve the marketplace with a reliable source of Albanian herbs and essential oils, using the latest technology to provide premium Quality standards to our global customers.
  • A New factory has been established in Maminas, with business reaches across Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina for the production of MAP-s and essential oils.
  • AlbKalustyan now has 25 different MAP-s and Essential Oils Certified by ICEA/Italy in NOP & EU, ISO 22000 certified with products divided into semi ready products (without steams, dust or weeds) and Essential Oils.


Our Mission is to expand and diversify our history of product excellence, and technical innovation to provide our world–wide customers with the highest quality and most reliable products and services available giving them the competitive edge they need in an ever-changing market.


Our vision is in sync with our aim of continuous growth and expansion in our business and field of expertise to satisfy the market needs and requirements. Our top priority is to solidify our place in an ever changing market dynamic. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the quality and service they deserve and demand.


AlbKalustyan develops effective solutions with its products and processes that successfully contribute to resolving present and future environmental and social challenges, with dedication to green, sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. The company uses all available resources in an efficient and environmentally sound manner – paying particular attention to the cultivation, production and distribution of our products. Because we control the raw material, we are better able to anchor the efficient use of resources along our entire supply chain as a central element in the corporate strategy: Sustainability is a top priority in our behavior and business practice.


Albkalustyan provides customers with not only the highest quality products, but the value necessary to compete in an ever-changing marketplace. Our seasoned customer support staff is on hand to facilitate on-time delivery and answer any questions. Our highest priority is ensuring top-quality, safe ingredients for every product that enters and leaves our facility. By following a strict set of procedures, quality is assured every step of the way, from the food producers we purchase from to the vendors we select. Our Quality System is the backbone of our organization.