SAGE: Leaves, Essential Oil

Salvia Officinalis L.Labiatae
Fresh sage leaves, minced, powder and natural essential oil


Product Description

1,5-3% Volatile Oil (with 30-50% α- and ß-thujones;                                                            
about 20% other monoterpones especially cineol, camphen,                                            
borneol, small quantities of sesquiterpenes),                                                                        
3-8% among them rosmarinic acid (so called “the Labiatae tannin”),
diterpenoid bitter substances such as camosol (syn.picrosalvin),
5-6% resin, wax; chlorogenic, caffeic and fumaric acids;
oxyrtiterpenoids such as ursolic and oloanolic adds; 1-3% avonoids (luteolin, etc).

Essential Oil
Appearance : Pale yellow to greenish yellow liquid
Odor : Sharp, herbaceous, medicinal odor
Origin : Albania